Consignor are closely following the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation.

Due to recent developments, Consignor’s senior management has updated the business continuity plan.

The key objectives of the business continuity plan are to:

  • Maintain business operations without disruption to our customers
  • Act socially responsibly on behalf of our employees and wider society

To enable this, we have done the following:

  • Followed recommendations from national authorities in all our markets
  • Encouraged our employees to work from home
  • Put extra focus on hygiene through additional guidance
  • Emphasized that travelling should be avoided if possible, or postponed
  • Implemented a 14 day quarantine period after travelling abroad
  • Cancelled the Consignor Summit (Customer event) on 19th March in Copenhagen

We continue to follow the situation closely and will assess if further measures need to be put in place.

For more information about Consignor’s response to the Coronavirus disease, please contact our Data Protection Officer (

For technical queries, please contact our support team.